Héroes literarios

4 marzo, 2010

I was born at third age of The Middle Earth. I’m a special race of human: a “montaraz”. My dad was the boss of my race, and when he died, I was the boss.
When I was 40 years old I was young, because “montaraces” men live more years than normal humans. At 40 years of age I participated in a mission, the ring of power. Me and brave people started the mission, but after that we separated and only two people continued the true mission.
When the mission ended, I became king of Gondor and I married Arwen , my elf wife. We were happy for a lifetime.

You can find me and my adventures in some of J. R. R. Tolkien’s books: The Lord of the Rings

Óscar, 3º C

Edward Cullen is a 17 year old boy, he lives in a town, Forks, this character is in the twilight saga, this fictional character  has powers, he is very strong, has super speed, and most importantly, he can read the thoughts of people, of all but one, Bella Swan, is a city girl that he goes to spend the holidays with her father in Forks, Edward falls in love with him but people think they do not have to be together.  Edward Cullen´s family is formed by his adoptive mother Esme Cullen, and his adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen, and he has four siblings: Alice, Emmett, Jasper and Rosalie. In the school he hasn’t got any friends.

Natalie, 3º

Inuyasha is the hero of a Japanese comic. The creador is Rumiko Takahashi.
Inuyasha is a half- devil, is mision is to find the sphere of four spirits. The evil is Naraku, who dominate the sphere. Her friends are the girl Kagome, the captor of devil Sango,the monk Miroku and Shipo, the little devil. Inuyasha and her friends fight for Naraku for  the power of  the sphere.

Aleix,  2º